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Thank you for writing and ordering our plan, 'HOW TO MAKE MONEY
WITH POST-CARDS'. This report is one of seventeen reports
contained in the set of reports, 'How to Build A Lean, Mean
MO/MLM Machine . . . By Mail!' If you have not ordered the entire
set, I urge you to do so at this time so you can take full
advantage of this programme.


Let me get straight to the point. If you were to purchase the
Mail Order/MLM Machine, which is a set of seventeen reports, you
would be authorised to reprint the MO/MLM Machine reports and
resell them. You become the publisher! You can reproduce them for
pennies and sell them for œ 19.95 a set ($35.00). Or you can
duplicate the disk and marketing package it and sell for œ 14.95
($25.00). Within the MO/MLM Machine, reports 11, 12, and 13
provide descriptions of more money-making opportunities for you.
They include over twenty-five sets of reprintable reports like
this one, sixty plus mail order dealerships that you can buy and
resell, and a wide range of choice MLM programmes that you can
participate in. If you partake in any of these offerings, your
name replaces the existing one. That way, when you sell a MO/MLM
Machine set of reports, your offer is automatically being copied
and distributed by others.

If you purchase only the MO/MLM Machine reports, you are not
obligated in any way to buy into any of the additional offers.
Either way, if you have purchased only the MO/MLM Machine, you
can start immediately to earn extra cash by simply circulating
postcards and then filling your orders by copying this report.

When you get an order for this report, you then include a copy of
the MO/MLM Machine flyer, and in that way you can get repeat
orders for the entire set of MO/MLM Machine. You can earn a few
extra hundred pounds doing this, but you can earn considerably
more from the other programmes that will be automatically
promoted for you via the MO/MLM Machine reports. If you buy into
and promote just the reprintable reports and the mail order
dealerships, you can build a very nice mail order business.

The big money maker in this programme, however, is the ability of
the MO/MLM Machine to promote Multilevel Marketing (MLM)
programmes for you automatically. If you are not familiar with
MLM, that is all right since this will be explained in detail in
other reports contained in the MO/MLM Machine series. For now,
just understand that you can earn several thousand pounds a month
(as much as œ 20,000!) by actively participating in MLM
programmes. The real purpose of this programme is to help you
generate MLM leads while you make a profit selling the other mail
order type programmes. That is, the MO/MLM Machine reports have
been written and designed specifically to help you expand your
existing MLM organisation or to launch new ones.

You will learn in other MO/MLM Machine reports that if you sell
ten MO/MLM Machine packages, and if you are promoting just one
MLM programme, you will most likely sponsor at least ten people
into your MLM programme. The basic reason for this is that your
MLM offer will now be embedded into the MO/MLM Machine, and it
will be copied over and over again until ten people replace your
name with theirs. If you have ten people in your MLM programme
who do likewise, you can earn a sizable monthly income.

Therefore, when you are studying the remaining portion of this
report, try to determine in your mind if you think you could sell
ten MO/MLM Machine by using the postcard promotion methods
explained. If you can, and if you are promoting at least one MLM
programme, you will most likely build a lifetime, secure future!
It's as simple as that!


If you have an offer to make to the public, a postcard is very
often the simplest, fastest and most inexpensive way to get your
message out to the public. Anyone can circulate postcards. Can't
they? That means that kids and teenagers can help out in many
ways. This report is dedicated to the ways that you can circulate
postcards locally, post free. Another advantage of using a
postcard is that you can use the copy of a postcard to print
small flyers. In that way, you can print these mini-flyers for a
fraction of a penny, while postcards will cost you about 1p to 3p
each, depending upon the quantity that you have printed.

If you are promoting a MLM company, the power of generating
quality leads by circulating postcards locally is extremely
effective; if you have a good offer. And you do! You also earn a
profit while you are generating these leads!


Probably the most important aspect of using a postcard is that
you can easily sell a œ 2.00 report directly! In other words, if
you are offering an inexpensive item, like a report, you can
generate orders simply by circulating postcards or mini-flyers.
If you purchase the complete set of MO/MLM Machine reports, you
will be authorised to reproduce and sell them! Therefore, you can
circulate postcards immediately, receive orders directly, and
then fill the orders yourself. You keep the money up front. Most
often, you will then want to sell additional items to your
customers that buy the œ 2.00 report. That's how you can earn
substantially more profits. By using this method, you are earning
a small profit while generating larger profits from repeat
business. If you promote MLM programme(s), you can then earn
serious income.

Compare that method to companies who mail out postcards that
offer free material. They spend a lot of money up front on
postage, and a lot more in sending out the free material. You can
spend a lot of money and time by doing the same. By using our
plan, you can actually make money up front while generating leads
for other offers that you may be making.

Within the MO/MLM Machine package you will find many other
programmes that can sell and start by simply circulating
postcards and mini-flyers. This is an excellent way to make a
little up-front money while generating free MLM leads. The
easiest and fastest way to make money with postcards and mini-
flyers is to circulate them in your neighbourhood. If you elect
to offer the programmes that we describe in the MO/MLM Machine,
strictly optional, you can build a very serious income.


If you happen to be offering a product or service that is also
available from other companies, it is sometimes difficult to
promote this nationally because you might be competing with many
other people. This happens all the time in the mail order
business and for distributors promoting MLM programmes. If these
people advertise, they may very likely be competing with several
other companies that are advertising in the same
publication . . . with the very same advertisement!

The same risk is true if mass mailings are attempted. In this
case, several companies wind up sending their identical
literature to the same person! You will have a better chance to
succeed if you distribute locally. That way, your offer will be
seen by eager people who have not seen a similar offer.

Also, if you are promoting a MLM programme, you will learn that
you only need to sponsor a few active people, and then show these
people how to do likewise. Although the MO/MLM Machine will show
you many ways to promote our programme, there is no doubt in my
mind that the very best and most effective way to get started is
to simply pass out a few postcards and mini-flyers in your local
area. For example, let's consider MLM programmes that you may
want to promote. If your objective is to sponsor ten people into
this programme as quickly as you can, without much time or money,
start locally! The powerful concept behind this postcard
promotion is that each of you will want to personally sponsor
just a few people . . . not millions! Therefore, circulate a few
hundred postcards or mini-flyers in your neighbourhood, and let
your downline continue.

Since this offer has probably not been seen in your area, it will
be a new, fresh opportunity for anyone looking at it. That way,
the effectiveness on the postcards will be high and cost
effective. Look at these advantages in starting locally.

* You Can Start Now!

* You Get Fast Results!

* It's Inexpensive!

* It's Easy!

* You Pass Out As Many As You Want!

* Your Downline Can Do It!

* There's Little Local Competition!

* There Is No National Competition!

* You Can Have Teenagers Do The Work!


Pay teenagers to help. If you pay them a penny or two for each
postcard they circulate, you can circulate 1,000 for only œ 10 or
œ 20. Compare that to around œ 200 for posting them! If you get two
kids, and drive them through your neighbourhood, they can cover a
lot of streets in a few hours.


1 Through paper routes

2 Door to door

3 Letter boxes

4 Under hotel room doors

5 Personally pass out at high consumer traffic areas


6 Shopping area car parks

7 Hotels and motels

8 Sports arenas

9 Public car parks

10 Airport car parks

11 Convention centres

12 Hospitals

13 Bowling alleys

14 Night clubs

15 Restaurants

16 Schools

l7 Colleges

18 Theatres

19 Tourist attractions

20 Fairs

21 Large car boot sales

22 Auction locations

23 Fast food restaurants


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