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Go anywhere in the world and never pay full price
to get there...ever again! PLUS, earn FREE vacations
and cash...quickly and easily just be recommending
INFINET to anyone you know.
INFINET Travel Club was featured in the February,
1993, issue of Money magazine. They reviewed a number
of travel clubs and selected INFINET for overall
Members get: a full service travel agency, up to
50% off everything they buy, guaranteed lowest
available airfare, and a proven referral system!
Spreading the word is easy and profitable.
There is an enormous earnings potential -- after
all, everyone loves to travel and save money.
Absolutely no selling or travel experience required for
INFINET cuts into their profits by rebating back
to you part of the standard industry commissions.
(Does your current travel agent do this?)
You can earn free vacations and cash just by
recommending INFINET.
Spreading the word about the travel club doesn't
require hard selling. All you do is hand out their
unique Travel Reservation Cards. Anyone can do it --
simply give a card to people you already know or meet
so they can request INFINET's free info pack. When
your referal discovers how much they can save on their
next vacation, they'll join the club and you'll
automatically receive a commission for your referral.
What can be simpler?
Your income potential is unlimited because
everyone loves to travel and everyone loves to save
money. The more cards you pass out, the more money you
earn. It's that easy. If you have another business,
you could even give the cards to your existing

Two ways to make money

Besides sharing their discount travel service with
other people, you can earn even more income by
promoting INFINET to companies and associations (or
even your own company can benefit).
There are two ways to make money with INFINET.
The first is from commissions on travel club
memberships, either sold directly by you, or to the
people to whom you have given Travel Reservation Cards.
The other is by placing inexpensive classified or
display ads, passing out flyers, utilizing direct mail
card decks, etc. Just include your club identification
number in the ad and make sure your referrals mention
your number when requesting their free info pack.
You can get the information by mail by writing to
INFINET Travel Club, Dept. 12639, P.O. Box 1033,
Cambridge MA 02140, or call them at 1-800-966-2582 and
ask them to send you their membership information, and
give them the Discount Travel Number 12639 for a
special offer for readers of this report. If you want
to make money as well as save money be sure to ask them
to include the income opportunities information as
It is important to note that INFINET actually
handles the bookings and provides complete travel
agency services. This isn't one of the discount
certificate or card deals where customers buy a
certificate or discount card, which often isn't honored
when it is presented.


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