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Secrets Of Success With Chain Letters

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Chain letter programs will not make you rich! All those claims
about the sender pulling in œ20,000 the first time around; œ80,000
the second time, and œ180,000 the third time, are just outright

It's best not to get involved in ANY kind of chain letter schemes
because they are ALL illegal, and sooner or later, you could get
into trouble with the D.T.I.

Don't get involved! Chain letters do not, and will not solve any
of your money problems. Anyone, and everyone, with any experience
in direct mail - and a sense of integrity or pride in their
business - will either quickly toss your letter into the bin or
else send it direct to the D.T.I.

Probably the biggest reason why chain letters don't work, is the
continuing efforts of reputable mail order dealers in snuffing out
these schemes. Any money actually made or collected by a Chain
letter is pocketed by the perpetrators. Sometimes the person
starting, and promoting a chain letter is able to pull in a
hundred pounds or so before he gets stopped - but getting in as
the "third name" on the list has never brought in more than œ5 or
œ10 total - even after such participants have gone to the work and
expense of sending out 1,000 letters. Chain letters do nothing
except cost you money!

When you receive a chain letter, jot down the names and addresses
of those people involved (usually 4 names and addresses) and
discard the rest. Do NOT get involved.

Why should you note down the addresses? Well, a lot of the people
who take part in chain letters do not know a lot about mail order,
and honestly do not realise that they are participating in an
illegal program. If you send a quick note to them, saying that
they are promoting an illegal program, but you are enclosing some
details of what you promote or sell, which is totally legal and
ethical, it could be that they are so grateful to you for pointing
out their illegal activities that they become eager and loyal
customers for a long time!

When you get a mailing list giving names of companies selling
mailing lists, send it onto the D.T.I. A lot of the companies who
are mentioned on these chain letters are very reputable mailing
list brokers, who have no idea they are being linked to such
illegal schemes.

Any kind of letter, but specifically chain letters, that require
you to send money to a "printing headquarters" for so many copies
of the letter you received in order for you to start - are selling
you their printing services! They don't care whether you ever
make a sale, or even if you never mail out one of the letters
they're so willing to print up for you - they make their money up
front by furnishing you with printing!

What about multi level programs by mail? A lot are simply "people
pyramids". Organisations that make their profits from new member
fees. Before you get taken in, determine if YOU would like to
have the product they're offering - if YOU want it, send for it.
And before you start sending out letters to recruit new members,
do some common sense market research - what's the real value of
the product; how many people will stand in line to buy it; and how
much of your time and money is it going to cost you in order to
make a hundred dollars a week in clear profits.

Success with anything is simply a matter of having something
DIFFERENT that APPEALS to the WANTS and/or DESIRES of the greatest
number of consumers possible - TARGETING your sales efforts to
reach the people wanting it badly enough to STAND IN LINE TO BUY
IT - and then, make it as PAINLESS as possible for them to achieve
SATISFACTION by purchasing that particular item that fulfils THEIR


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